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DANI LIN offers the luxury conscious shopper with affordable handbag and accessory options.

DANI LIN launched in 2017 with the intent to disrupt the mid-luxury brands market offering one-of-a kind high-end unique handbags and accessories ranging from totes, backpacks, crossbody, wallets, and other fashion accessories. We are a mid-luxury retail brand that provides customers with one-of-a kind high-end unique handbags and accessories. DANI LIN’s unique designs combine old world art & fabric texture with new-age style and sophistication. DANI LIN is on a mission to make luxury, affordability, durability, a possibility for individuals who value luxury and individuality. DANI LIN offers a thoughtfully curated collection of fashionable handbags and accessories.

Beauty With A Twist

We are building the bridge from our collective rich history to re-introduce artisanal designs to our shoppers as we create sustainable styles that are timeless.

The fabrics we create are bold, colorful, and unique. The patterns vary in color, shading, and the textures are inherent in something that is handmade. The nature of who we are is shared through our collective identity, our attire, and the story we create about who we are as individuals. Our handbags were designed to relate to our shoppers individuality through beauty, uniqueness, and creativity. This is what we mean by Beauty with a Twist.

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We are inspired by color & beauty. We apply that to every handbag design…all for the sake of creating a fashion forward & contemporary look

Our handbags reflect the influences of ancient and modern traditions and draw inspiration from cultures around the world. We take pride in combining world culture; experienced craftsmanship with a kaleidoscope of color to bring you beautifully crafted designs.

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Our luxury handbag collections are made with hand-sewn fabric and we combine our beautiful textured fabric with 100% leather

Live artfully with the Dani Lin collection of our signature handmade handbags & accessories. We are entering a consumer shift where more and more people are willing to be educated about the value of an item that is made by hand or that is handcrafted No two handcrafted items are exactly alike. No two items are alike, so that every single one is one-of-a-kind.

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Limited Edition

Our designs combine old world art & fabric texture with new age style and sophistication

Our shoppers are people who are looking for other options from what is regularly seen available in today’s market of “fast fashion” Our shoppers want unique items that are not massed produced from an oversaturated market of designer labels

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Created With Care

Our luxury handbag collections are made with hand-sewn fabric and we combine our beautiful textured fabric with 100% leather

Dani Lin caters to women who want to enhance their style with unique handcrafted handbags & accessories. Consider every inch of the yarn that defines a pattern was created by an artisan with intention and purpose to design a unique and one-of-a kind product. Our handbags & accessories offer the freedom to “Give your feeling a new style”

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