December 17, 2020


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Whether it’s the classical period or the modern era, handbags never go out of style. Over the years, they have become more luxurious. However, there are differences within the luxury category itself. Two worlds exist between mass-produced handbags versus handmade. The primary difference – machines make the former and the latter is specially crafted or customized. The looks and details in the design between the two are also different.

But there is more to it! Here in our DANI LIN Blog, we will share the differences between the two.

The four (4) key differences between Handmade and Mass-Produced Bags:

1. The quality of the material
2. The stitching
3. The look and feel / Appearance
4. The scent associated with leather

Material Quality

When you look at a handbag, you can touch and feel the difference in the material used. Handmade bags are enriched with high-quality materials. Whether it is the leather, the fabric, the hardware, or other natural materials used by the artisan that become part of the uniqueness. On the other hand, mass-produced bags are generally made with albeit high-quality synthetic leather referred to as Ultraleather. When you look at the luxury handbags industry, mass-produced handbags have become a popular option in a crowded and over-saturated market.


When you look over the leather handbags, you will see a notable difference. Handmade quality is at its best when it comes to stitching styles – they are endless. Artisans use various stitching techniques to add to the durability, style, and quality of a design when stitching leather. The most popular is the saddle stitch. The stitching method locks and not only adds to durability but also adds flourish and style.


Of course, appearance says it all. Mass-produced handbags are cut and ‘sewn’ evenly. The look & feel of a clean edge makes it easier to produce large quantities. The more alike a product, the easier and cheaper it is to reproduce and deliver high volumes. On the other hand, the time and work behind each Handmade handbag create the uniqueness of the item. The human factor of the artisan adds to the one-of-a-kind factor.

The Fragrance of Leather

Nothing beats the scent of real leather! Leather has a scent that enhances the perceived value of the item. Handbags made with 100% leather are typically easier to identify from the touch and feel of the product. Generally, mass-produced items tend to be manufactured in such large quantities that products don’t retain their unique qualities.

The Primary Rule of Quality Over Quantity

At the end of the day, quality over quantity usually wins a buyer’s heart. The quality over quantity rule plays a role, especially in the luxury lifestyle. Make sure that when you consider your purchase, your selections make the statement about your style and your individuality that you want to make. A well made, quality handbag speaks volumes very similar to a great pair of shoes. It elevates your style, your wardrobe, and it makes a statement to others. Let us know what you think!

The Look of Luxury

The luxury of leather has been undeniable. Whether it’s being used to make handbags, apparel or shoes, the leather industry has ruled over other natural materials for centuries. Luxury leather accessories, particular in the handmade category, represents more than 30% of the overall personal luxury goods market. Artisans who specialize in designing exclusive, one-of-a-kind products continue to be in high demand. Although mass-produced luxury items have seen exponential growth in the market place with brands such as Loui Vuitton, Prada, and Christian Dior, to name a few, they also compete in a crowded market share.

The seasoned shopper looking for a statement piece, particularly in leather, has turned shopping for unique items into a treasure hunt. Niche brands, like DANI LIN, continue to find a foot hole in the market because of their ability to create new looks, source off-the beaten path materials, and their willingness to break new ground. True seasoned shoppers generally tend to look for those hard to find and bold looks that aren’t following pop trends.

Handmade bags tend to carry the stamp and features of the artisans who create them. Unlike mass-produced items that cater to the middle ground shopper, handmade leans in to the challenge to appeal to the individual.

What Does it All Mean

Our focus is to raise awareness that may not readily be known to our shoppers and to connect with you through information sharing. Artisans are poised to help redefine the luxury market. Both the luxury handmade and mass-produced handbag markets have their own pros and cons; but if you ask us, we choose individuality and uniqueness found in handmade.

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